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   "Forever on the Altar"

   "Her Sons and Daughters Ever on the Altar"

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Welcome Fiskites! While this year's homecoming has been cancelled, there's no stopping us from celebrating our 30th Class Reunion in a sea of blue and gold customized paraphenila. From 30th face masks to tumblers, we'll leave no stone unturned.


At L. Renee, we are committed in the process to RECONNECT. RENEW. REINVENT ourselves during this pandemic. In life, we are faced with a wealth of unforeseen situations that impact and influences our deceions. As, I sit and reflect on our 25th reunion, "every teacher, doctor, judge, lawyer, advocate, nurse, and politican seemed happy," and as we prepare for a "Hybrid model" to celebrate our 30th Reunion, let's remember to celebrate all of our greatness, renew friendship, reconnect with your crew, and reinvent how and when we celebrate the wonderful memories forged at our beloved Fisk University.  


30th Reunion Box consist of:

  • Face mask

  • T-shirt 

  • Sweatshirt (*additional option)  

  • Tumbler 

  • Fisk Bag 

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