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College Campus

Collegiate Care Packages 

The perfect bundle to handle your son or daughter's transition into college. Every parent hopes their child 

is establishing positive relationships, maintaing positive personal development, resulting in a positive experience away from home. What we can assure you of is that the single most important foundation to achieve during these outcomes is with POSITIVE & PERSISTENT support from home. Once families leave, emotions intensify, and at L. Renee Events + Designs, we offer a "Box of Sunshine" complete for every situation and occasion.

All boxes may be personalized with your school's logo for an additional charge. 

Welcome Care Package 

This care package is the perfect "Welcome Package" for your favorite student away from home. Packed with energy boosting snacks Kellog's Pop Tart, Beef Jerky, Pretzels, Almonds, OREO Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, and Gummy Bears. 

A Trick or Treater Care Package

This package arrives for Halloween loaded with those "ghoulish" treats... Snicker Bar, Rice Krispy Treat, Skittles, Sour Patches, Corn Nuts, Gold Fish, Pretzels, Fruit Snacks, Hot Chocolate, hand sainitizer, and more. The perfect compliment to wrap up midterms. 

Fall Finals Survival Care Package

With our "Fall Finals Survival Package" it's complete with Ritz Bits Sandwiches, Ramen Noodles Soup, Turkey or Beef Jerky, Veggie Chips, Skittles, Red Vines, Dried Fruit, Pirate's Booty Popcorn, Hot Chocolate, and Mint Tea. Enough to anchor your student through finals.  

Out the Blue Care Package

Here's a little "Out the Blue Care Package" when you least expect it. Complete with Nutri Valley Granola Bar, Protein Bar, Macaron Cookies, and more. This surprise package will definitely warrant a thank you call home. Out the Blue Package shows up for no other reason except to show "love." Arrives anytime and right on time!

Surprise Birthday Care Package

The "Surprise Birthday Package" is complete with a personalize shirt, a candle, a sweet treat, and loads of surprises exclusively for him or her. Customized available for an additional charge. 

Winter Wonderland Care Package 

The semester is under your belt, so enjoy this "Winter Wonderland Package" filled with Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows, Peppermint Bark, Cinnamon Sticks, Ramen Noodles, Chocolate Pretzels, Milano Cookies, Brownie Bits, and Kettle Corn Popcorn. This cozy package arrives in January to keep you warm & toasty. 

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